Thursday, November 9, 2017

5 Examples of Useless Instagram Followers

I've been on social media for awhile, and Instagram has some of the least
loyal followers. People will follow you there a lot quicker than other forms
of social media, but they will also unfollow you almost as fast. I'm still try-
ing to figure out this Instagram game. When people follow me I expect some
of them to disappear, but the numbers are so dramatic on Instagram. I like
the beauty and the visual component of Instagram, but let's be honest...
A lot of people on Instagram are just fake. About a year ago, I wrote about
the four types of social media followers: Genuine, Snobby, Greedy, and
Casual...but on Instagram, some of these followers take following to a
whole new level.

5 Examples of Useless Instagram Followers

1. Fake Fan Followers: People who like a lot of your photos hoping
    you'll follow them, but when you don't, they follow you and after you
    follow them they unfollow you.

2. Promotional Followers: People who follow you so they can expose
    you to their product, and after you follow them they unfollow you.

3. DM Followers: People who follow you only so they can direct
    message you to try to get you to buy something from them, and then
    they unfollow you.

4. Stalk Followers: People who unfollowed you, but when you post a new
    photo they like it or comment, even though they don't follow your account

5. The Follow/Unfollow Followers: People who follow you, they unfollow
    you, and then they follow you again.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Uncombable Hair Syndrome

A couple weeks ago, I read an article about a white girl who has uncombable
hair syndrome. I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. At adolescence a lot of
children outgrow their uncombable hair syndrome, but I can tell you as a
black person it never leaves.

I still can't believe that this kind of hair in non-blacks is considered a
syndrome. My hair has been uncombable since I can remember. When I
was a young child, I had my hair pressed, so it would be straight, and that
made it easy to comb. The only drawback (aside from having a hot comb
being pulled through my hair) was as soon as my hair got wet it was uncomb-
able again. When I was 11, I got a Jerry Curl. The Jerry Curl required hours
of my time. At first I had to have my hair shampooed. Then it was chemically
straightened, rinsed, rolled on perm rods, drenched in processing lotion, rinsed
again with the rollers in, and rinsed without the rollers. And then I had to spray
curl activator on my hair every day. After awhile, my hair was so over proc-
essed from the Jerry Curl that it looked lifeless. A couple years later I got a
relaxer, and it straightens the new growth only, but when it was put over my
Jerry Curl most of my hair fell out. After my hair grew back, I continued to get
relaxers, but I don't like those either. Sodium Hydroxide, the main ingredient
in most relaxers, is also the main ingredient in drain cleaner. That doesn't
sound safe does it? I've been getting relaxers for years, but I don't want to get
those anymore.

I was never taught to love the hair I was born with, but now I'm going to find
out what it's like to love my hair without pressing it or using chemicals to
straighten it.

Monday, August 7, 2017

When You Need Mental Help

I don't dismiss psychiatrist or psychologist, but they don't always know
how it feels to be going through what you're going through.

When I was a child I was mean and unhappy, so my parents took me to
therapists. My father said that when I talked to therapists I told them what
they wanted to hear, and when we'd get home I'd go right back to being the
same way. I only remember one therapist...As I sat across from this guy, he
tossed a thick hardback book down on the table in front of me and yelled,
"You need to read this!" I don't know what book it was, but I think he was in
need of some therapy too.

My low self-esteem was making me crazy. I think if I would've had someone
to talk to who had recovered from low self-esteem, that person could've given
me some advice on how to like myself and how to be happy.

I think sometimes you need to speak with someone who knows how it feels
to be in your situation. If you've been abused, talk to a therapist who was
abused, and improved their life in spite of the abuse. If you have a drug
problem, talk to an advisor who was once on drugs, but now has a sober and
healthy life. If you're being bullied, find someone who was bullied who was able
to lift their self-esteem.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weird Poem

Here's a weird poem for you...well because...I'm weird.

Weird Poem

Wonder Woman confident and strong.
Some people think football takes too long.
With basketball people jump up high.
Tyra Banks will give you that model's eye.
Nintendo is more than a retro game.
Elon Musk has an interesting name.
Yellow fever will make you very sick.
Howard Stern combs his hair with a plastic pick.
Roseanne was an entertaining show.
Mary J. Blige is a singer that you should know.
Jennifer Lopez looks younger than her age.
When I went to prom I did not wear beige.
Have you ever seen a president at the mall?
I once went to a casting call.
If people call you weird or strange.
Give them a smile and never change.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 Types of Social Media Followers

I've been on social media for almost eight years, and I've noticed that followers
seem to fall into one of four categories: genuine, snobby, greedy, or casual.
What category do you think you belong in?

1. Genuine Followers: People who want to follow you who think you're
    interesting, and they won't unfollow you if you don't follow them back.

2. Snobby Followers: People who follow you who think you're interesting, but
    if you don't follow them back they will unfollow you.

3. Greedy Followers: People with thousands of followers who follow you only
    so you'll follow them back. And when you follow them back they unfollow

4. Casual Followers: People who follow anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter
    who you are, and they really don't care if you follow them back.