Friday, January 17, 2020

How Brick and Mortar Stores Can Keep Customers

Every day more brick and mortar stores are closing. Many people
blame online shopping for the downfall of these stores, but I disagree.
There are a lot of people like me, who like to shop in an actual store.
Some stores put too much focus on the online versions of their businesses;
therefore, ignoring the important elements that need attention in their
brick and mortar stores.

Five Ways to Keep Customers in Brick and Mortar Stores

1. Make sure the associates act friendly and look happy.
    If I go to your business and no one speaks to me (or someone is rude)
    I'm not going back. When someone walks into your house do you ignore

2. Make sure prices are reasonable and not overpriced.
    It's a guarantee you're going to lose customers when items they've
    always been buying suddenly become too high.

3. Only sell quality products.
    Stay away from cheaply made items, because they're just going to
    end up being returned, or the customer just won't come back.

4. Make sure the restroom is clean...
    And please have plenty of toilet paper and soap.

5. Keep the rest of the store clean too.
    No one wants to shop in a dirty business. Don't forget to sweep and
    mop the floors. Take out the nasty trash, and use some glass cleaner
    on those dirty windows and mirrors.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Good Life

The Good Life

Hush the negativity

Speak words of peace

Many people judge the ones they know the least

Every day decide to be friendly and caring

Don't discriminate, act a fool, or start yelling and swearing

Don't assume that someone has it all

Their life may be about to crash and fall

Being mean and hateful won't get you far

You'll be equal to a faded star

Radiate the light you want to see

You'll turn into the person you want to be.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Do You Have a Social Media Addiction?

We all have our reasons for using social media, but if it begins to interfere
with your real life in a negative way you need to be on it a lot less, or give
it up completely. I know a woman who deleted all of her social media accounts
except one. I'll call her Jane...Jane said, "I was spending too much time on it,
and I was tired of looking at people's fake lives, and I wasn't gonna live a fake

I used to get on social media several times a day, but I realized that it was
a big distraction. I decided to only focus on social media twice a day. I
spend about 30 minutes on it in the morning, and two hours at night.

If you think you have a social media addiction ask yourself:

Why am I on social media?

  * Is it to reach out to family?
  * Are you trying to see what your friends are doing?
  * Are you promoting something such as music, books, photography,

How does social media make me feel?

  * Do you feel like you're accomplishing anything while on social media?
  * Do you feel like it's a waste of time?
  * Does it make you feel happy, sad, or mad?

How much time am I spending on social media?

  * Are you spending countless hours on social media?
  * Have you ever forgotten to do something important because of it?
  * Are you constantly losing track of time because of social media?

After asking yourself all of these questions you know what to do.
Your time is valuable, so treat it that way.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Do You Eat the Heel of a Bread Loaf?

My husband bought a loaf of bread, and I was going to make myself
some toast, but when I realized the heel was still in the bag I changed
my mind. I told him it was unsanitary to keep putting the heel back
into the bag.

I always give the birds the heel, because they love it. The bread heel
is never exciting. It's usually small, dry and tasteless. So what do you
do with the heel of your bread? Do you eat it? Do you give it to the
birds? Or do you leave it in the bag?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

If You Don't Use Hashtags Read This

I think I've been using hashtags for at least three years. I used to think
hashtags were dumb and made no sense, but I was wrong.

I did a mini experiment and this is how it went...At 12:30 pm I put a
photo on Instagram with no hashtags, and by 3:45pm I only had five
likes. I added hashtags to the same post at 4:00pm and two hours later
I had 18 likes and three followers.

For anyone who doesn't understand hashtags, I'll break it down for you.
Let's pretend that you post a photo of vanilla ice cream with a plastic
red spoon in a wooden bowl covered in colorful sprinkles, and it's in
the summer. Here are some hashtag ideas:

#vanilla #icecream #colorful #red #sweet #cold #sprinkles #spoon
#dessert #wooden #bowl #creamy #summer #food #plastic #utensil

If you still don't want to use hashtags it's your choice, but they can
greatly improve your chances of a post being seen online.