Monday, January 29, 2024

Stay Away From Drama Queens and Kings


Hanging out with drama queens and kings is a bad idea, because they will
only pull you down. They will complicate your life along with their life.
You know how they operate. They're full of gossip, complaints, and they
can't wait to tell you how bad everyone is treating them.

Drama queens and kings usually have low self-esteem. It's actually the 
drama that makes them feel better about themselves. Most of them don't
even realize that they are sabotaging their own lives. They believe that
they're awesome, and there's something wrong with everybody else!

So if you have these people in your life, stop spending your valuable 
time and energy on them.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Please Get Life Insurance!

Most people don't wanna talk about death until it happens. Then when
it happens, your loved ones probably wanna have a big old drawn out
funeral for you. I don't believe in funerals. They're a waste of time, 
money, and after the funeral nobody says, "That was so much fun!"

I knew a man who passed away leaving a wife and multiple children.
He had no life insurance, but his family wanted to have a funeral for
him. Nobody had any money, so they were scrambling around trying
to raise funeral money. If he'd only discussed dying with his wife, and
purchased life insurance, all of that chaos could've been prevented.

If you have a family who depends on your income get life insurance,
so they can financially survive without you. And if you insist on tor-
turing your family with a funeral...please get life insurance!

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

I Went Maskless Today!


I started wearing a mask three years ago, because I felt unsafe due to
COVID. I haven't been to the grocery store maskless since then.

It felt strange shopping for groceries without wearing a mask. I felt
so exposed. I wondered if someone had just coughed or sneezed in 
the aisle I was walking down. What germs am I breathing now? I
calmed myself down by thinking about how I've spent most of my
life maskless. What used to be normal has to start feeling normal to 
me again.

But wearing a mask wasn't all bad. When it was cold it helped to
keep my face warm, and I felt a lot safer if someone was coughing
their head off.

I don't believe my maskless days are over, but I'm gonna try to wear
them less and less until I feel comfortable not wearing them.

Monday, April 10, 2023

10 Advantages of Being Weird


I know I'm weird, but it doesn't bother me, because I know who
I am and what I'm about. If people call you weird, take it as a 
compliment, because I bet you have some advantages over those
people that they would never imagine. Think about how many 
people were called weird, and they became massively successful.  

10 Advantages of Being Weird

1. You're probably creative.

2. You're never bored. 

3. You don't mind having time to yourself.

4. Your mind is full of good ideas.

5. You like trying new things.

6. You probably read a lot.

7. You look at life as a learning experience.

8. You like routines and spontaneity.

9. You're not wasting money on cable, but you do have the 

10. You're smarter than you look.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Why I Buy Men's Clothing For Myself


I've been buying men's clothing for myself for years. I buy women's
clothing too, but there are certain men's items I prefer over women's.

I like men's t-shirts, because they aren't see-through like most wom-
en's t-shirts. They're also usually cheaper; they run bigger, and they
are longer than women's.

Men's tank tops are better than women's, because they're longer, so
you're not always pulling it down from riding up.

Men's socks usually pull up a lot easier than women's socks, and 
they typically don't shrink as much either.

If you're female and you've never bought men's clothing for your-
self, you should give it a try.