Friday, April 30, 2021

Hair and Cultural Appropriation

Some things fit into the category of cultural appropriation, but hair 
isn't one of them. When a white person wears dreadlocks, cornrows,
box braids, Bantu knots, or anything past two pigtails, it shouldn't
be a big deal. White people aren't getting upset about black people
wearing straight hairstyles, or getting straight human hair weaved 
into their kinky hair.

It's petty to be bothered when you see a white person wearing a 
black hairstyle. Even if the hairstyle originated in Africa, that 
doesn't mean it's off limits to white people. It's hair! There are
more important issues going on in this world. If you want to 
change something, first change your state of mind. And if you 
want to get upset about something, get upset about public health, 
global warming, human rights, and the justice system.

We live in a world where we need to come together. We need to 
accept each other for who we are, and our diversities. Different
races and ethnicities should be able to get along, and share their
differences and similarities in harmony.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Why Corporate Doesn't Have a Clue



Corporate has a lot of ideas on how companies should be run. 
Unfortunately, many of their ideas only look good on paper. 
Does corporate even shop at or use the products from the com-
panies they operate? Corporate doesn't see employees as people;
they're seen as robots. And have you noticed no one ever takes
claim of the changes that corporate makes? Corporate is a name-
less and faceless power that controls so much, but knows so little.
Hey Corporate!!! Here's a few things you don't seem to understand.

* Instead of sending employees unhealthy snacks, and useless 
   games to play, give them a raise or a bonus for their hard work.

* When customers check out their purchases they want to simply
   buy the items and leave. It's annoying to be pressured to get a
   credit card, give an email address, phone number, or zip code.

* Don't claim you're Earth-friendly when you're constantly order-
   ing huge cardboard and plastic signs to display temporarily...
   And none of it gets recycled. 

* Can you explain why the mask required/mask mandate isn't
   being enforced? People not wearing masks can legally be
   refused service. Shame on you for putting your employees 
   in an unsafe work environment!

* Jacking up the prices of products, so they can be marked
   down, is a greedy game no one wins. It makes no sense to
   pay people to mark stuff down that was too high to begin with.

* Why does corporate cut the hours of the cleaning person, but
   there's plenty of payroll for markdown days?

* Why do you waste so much money on extended hours when
   there are no customers to be found?

* Why do high-touch surfaces have to constantly be wiped down,
   but maskless people are allowed to spread deadly germs inside
   your establishment?

* Your employees are worth at least $1 a year raise. That's a lot
   less than your raise is every year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Mask Mandate Mess

For the states that don't have a mask mandate, shame on the "leaders"
who haven't done so! And to the states that do have a mask mandate
that isn't being enforced, shame on those "leaders" too! 

It's common sense to require EVERYONE to wear a mask inside of
a public building. It's not hard. It's not expensive. It's simple. What's 
not simple is trying to maintain your workforce when half of them are
sick, or in quarantine. There needs to be consequences to not wearing
a mask in a public place. Getting escorted out of the building by a 
professional enforcer, and at least $100 fine sounds good to me. These
consequences would save lives. That's what mask wearing is all about.
And it's about respect, caring, love, compassion, and humanity.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Everything's Weird

I know it's August, but part of my brain is still in March.
This COVID crap is weird, unnerving, and unreal.

Our lives are strangely intertwined, even though we don't
know each other. It's crazy how a few germs could have
so much power. It's even hard to find the products to keep
ourselves safe from the germs. And COVID has stolen
so many of what used to be normal moments. We have to
wear masks to save our lives and others. And our jobs are
either gone or so changed by CDC regulations that it feels
like a new job position. Some kids are in school, and some
are still homeschooling. Some parents can work, and others
have to stay home to be teachers and protectors of their 

We also have protestors in the streets, trying to get justice
for multiple crimes committed against blacks. And unfor-
tunately, there are also disruptors causing violence, destroy-
ing property, and endangering lives. And if that wasn't 
enough, the government can't figure out how to help people
properly...and there's a change shortage. I'm getting really 
tired of rounding up my purchases. Can't these businesses 
round down?

I don't usually rant, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's
frustrated. Writing is therapy for me, and I also like to take 
pictures, draw, and read. I'm feeling better now...I think I'll
go outside and get some sunshine. That's the only thing that 
hasn't changed.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Are You Too Embarrassed to Wear a Mask?

I've been wearing a mask in public for about two weeks. I never thought
I'd need to wear a mask, but I feel like it's not an option. I feel safer know-
ing I'm protecting myself and others. When Covid first came to America,
the "experts" told us it wasn't necessary for us to wear masks. But a month
later, they said we should! Imagine how many lives could've been saved
if from the start we all had a mask on.

Don't let embarrassment stop you from wearing a mask. A LOT of
people are wearing masks, and you won't be the only one. Someone I
know told me I looked crazy wearing a mask, and my mom replied,
"I'd rather look crazy than be dead!"